Dental Crowns

What is a Dental Crown?

Crowns are used to repair the part of your tooth that you see above the gumline. Other names for a crown and bridge are a false tooth, a permanent crown, or a tooth cap. Porcelain crowns have been created to have superior strength to cover or cap a damaged tooth. Most of the time the crowns and bridges are tooth colored and look like your existing, natural teeth. This is a great way to achieve long-term tooth replacement.

What is a dental crown?
What happens when I get a dental crown or bridge here in Chandler AZ?

What happens when I get a dental crown or bridge here in Chandler AZ?

At Johansen Dental the process of getting a dental crown is seamless and a breeze. Your dental appointment will begin with a diagnosis. Dr. Johansen will check your teeth, and an x-ray will be taken. You will discuss with Dr. Justin Johansen about a treatment plan that fits you specifically.

We recommend patients to have crowns who have either:

  • A cracked tooth or a chipped tooth
  • Substantial discoloration
  • Ill-shapen teeth
  • Fragile teeth
  • Worn teeth because of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder or bruxism
  • You have decay that is too large to replace with a filling.
  • An old crown needs to be repaired because of either recurrent decay or breakage.
  • You have a broken or damaged tooth.
  • You need to get a root canal or have a previously endodontically repaired tooth.

After the diagnosis is complete at our dental office. You will then have a same day dental crown prep or be rescheduled to come back at a convenient time for you. Your tooth will then be reshaped to fit the “cap” or crown. Once Dr. Johansen has the prepared tooth a temporary crown will be customized for you that same day. We believe that best kind of crown or bridge is a tailor made crown from a dental laboratory. We work with the best in the business to create the one of a kind fit you need for your smile. Once the crown is complete you will come back to have the crown permanently placed and fit just for you. Tada!... You have the perfect crown that is just like your other teeth. Get ready to smile!

How do I care for my dental crown or bridge?

One of the best parts of a dental crown is how easy they are to take care of. Keep up with your suggested cleaning recall. At your cleaning appointment in Chandler AZ your hygienist/dentist will check your gums for gum disease, clean around the margins of the crown and get an x-ray to check for decay. Make sure to have great oral hygiene. Poor home habits can lead to gum disease. Using thicker floss or a water pik can be helpful to remove plaque around the margins of the crown at home. Using an electronic toothbrush is always beneficial for your overall oral health.

Johansen Dental offers the best dental crowns in Chandler AZ. We are quick, on time and give you the red carpet service with the quality you deserve. We care about your opinion, we listen, we offer the highest level of dental care.

How do I care for my dental crown or bridge?

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