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Internal Tooth Bleaching in Chandler

Internal bleaching is the process of whitening a tooth that has had a root canal done. Teeth with root canals will darken or discolor over time. The technique is used to whiten the tooth from the inside out, making this approach perfect for patients who want a whiter and brighter smile.

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Ideal Candidates for Internal Bleaching

Post root canal discoloration- This is for patients who have gotten a root canal procedure and have noticed tooth discoloration as a result of that.

Non-responsive to external whitening- Some patients will notice that their teeth have not responded to other bleaching techniques, making this the perfect option.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Assessment and planning- First, the doctor will check the tooth to make sure that the structure and the strength of the tooth/root canal can handle the bleaching procedure.

Preparation of the tooth- The tooth is then prepped by creating an incision where the previous root canal was located so that the doctor can gain access to the inside of the tooth.

Application of bleaching agent- A strong bleaching material is inserted into the tooth, this step is the part where the whitening will aim at the discoloration of the tooth, making it whiter.

Temporary sealing- The tooth is then sealed with a temporary filling to keep the bleaching material inside and let the product do its magic.

Monitoring and adjustments- The process may need to be repeated multiple times, so it’s important to have follow-up appointments until the tooth is the correct color you’re looking for.

Final restoration- Once the color is to your liking, we will seal the tooth and match the color with a resin composite to complete the process.

Considerations and Precautions

Assessment of tooth structure- Before starting the procedure, the doctor will do an assessment of the tooth to make sure it is in good standing. If the tooth is not strong enough, the dentist may not recommend this procedure.

Customization of treatment- This type of treatment is very customizable as many factors can weigh in on how effective the treatment is. Depending on how discolored the tooth is will determine the bleaching materials and how long the treatment will last.

Post-treatment care- After treatment is over, the doctor will go over detailed instructions on how to properly care for your newly whitened teeth. This may include instructions on what foods to avoid and how to clean or care for the whitened tooth.

Benefits and Advantages

Aesthetic improvement- Getting teeth whitened internally can improve the look of discolored teeth. This will boost your confidence and make you want to show off your smile wherever you go.

Focused treatment- This procedure is targeted at making discolored teeth whiter from the inside out. For some patients, this is better than using external whitening, as some people may not see results with external whiteners.

Preservation of tooth structure- Using this method will help keep the natural tooth shape in comparison to other methods used, like veneers or crowns.

Common Myths

Myth: Internal bleaching damages the tooth.
Fact: In order for this procedure to be used, a dentist must evaluate the health of the tooth. When the procedure is performed by an experienced dentist, the internal bleaching can be considered relatively safe. In Chandler, we have a qualified dentist who can evaluate, use the procedure, and monitor the progress to ensure the patient gets the best experience.

Myth: Results from internal bleaching are temporary.
Fact: After the procedure, the dentist will provide detailed instructions on how to care for and maintain the tooth color for many years. It is crucial to avoid eating foods and drinks that may impact and discolor the tooth. Some of the foods and drinks you may want to avoid are coffee, dark sodas, acidic foods, smoking, and chewing tobacco, as these can affect how long your teeth maintain their white color.

Myth: Any tooth can be treated with internal bleaching.
Fact: The internal bleaching procedure is typically used on patients who have had root canal treatment. In order for the dentist to use this procedure, the doctor will need to evaluate several factors of the tooth, such as its status, health, and oral hygiene, to determine if this procedure is the best option for the patient.

Internal tooth bleaching offers an effective solution for those struggling with discoloration of teeth especially post root canal therapy. 

If you’re concerned about discolored teeth following a root canal, internal tooth bleaching might be the solution you need. Call our office at (480) 345-0530 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between internal bleaching and whitening is that internal bleaching is a specialized procedure designed to treat patients with root canal treatment whose teeth may be discolored. This specialized procedure works by whitening from the inside out, unlike regular whitening treatments that focus on the tooth’s external surface. The dentist may need to evaluate and consider many factors, such as the health of the tooth, its status, and overall oral health, to ensure this procedure is the best option for the patient.

The dentist may consider a patient a candidate for internal bleaching after evaluating factors such as tooth discoloration, whether the patient has had root canal treatment, and if the health of the tooth is suitable for the procedure.

The procedure consists of the dentist making a small opening on the back of the discolored tooth and carefully applying the bleaching agent to whiten the tooth from the inside out. The dentist then will seal the opening and allow the substance to work over several days to whiten the tooth. The dentist will monitor the progress and may consider repeating the procedure to reach the desired results, in order to provide the best experience for the patient.

When performed by a qualified dentist, internal bleaching can be considered relatively safe. In West Jordan, we count on an experienced dentist who uses a safe technique to carefully apply the whitening agent without affecting the tooth or surrounding tissues. The dentist will be with you every step of the way to monitor the process and repeat it as many times as possible to achieve the desired results.

Following the detailed instructions after the procedure and keeping good oral hygiene are crucial to help the treatment last many years. Attending regular visits to the dentist, as well as avoiding foods and drinks such as coffee, acidic foods, and dark sodas, along with smoking and chewing tobacco, are ways the patient can ensure the procedure lasts a lifetime.

We have a skilled team that will do their best to match the shade of your other teeth. However, this will depend on whether your natural teeth have crowns, veneers, or other discolorations as well.

Most patients do not experience side effects when getting the internal bleaching procedure. The patients who have mentioned something have mostly just said that they feel sensitivity. This is temporary and should subside when treatment is finished or a couple of hours after treatment.

How many visits will depend on how discolored the tooth is, how the tooth responds to the treatment, and how white you want to go. Sometimes it can take several visits over the span of a few weeks to get the desired color you’re hoping for.

No, this procedure is not usually done on teeth with crowns. This procedure is meant for natural teeth that have discoloration.

The doctor will go over specific aftercare instructions on how to take care of your newly whitened teeth. They may recommend avoiding certain foods or drinks so the tooth stays white and does not stain further.


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